About Us

About Pyper and Plum

Style and trends are constantly changing. Pyper and Plum is a clothing boutique that stays up to date on new fashions and styles. Let us help you feel your best while looking your greatest! We are dedicated to our customers and want you to feel that you are our number one! Thank you for your business!

We are Amanda + Jade {left to right} the ones who run the show! We are two girls living our dream in Utah. We started Pyper and Plum thinking it would be a fun business adventure but it quickly blossomed into something bigger. We love shopping and searching for new style and fashion. Our passion is to make every woman feel beautiful and special from the clothing they wear. We are thankful to serve others and thankful for all who support us in this growing business. Our slogan is "Shop Your Style" and we hope you do so through our website by finding the style that fits you! XO- Amanda + Jade